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 I am agreeing to the following upon enrollment of my child in the SmartFit Kids (SFK) Before and/or After School, Preschool and E-Learning Program:


 1. I understand that I am responsible for all financial obligations related to this enrollment and agree to the fees and policies stated in the financial contract.

 2. I will pay for any property damage caused by my child and acknowledge that Smart Fit Kids is not responsible for students' lost, stolen, or damaged personal property.

 3.  Tuition is due on Friday for the following week.  Payments not received on Friday are subject to $20 late fee.  If payment has not been received by Tuesday at 12:00pm, we will not be able to pick up your child until full payment is received.  Regular tuition is required for school break regardless of attendance during the school year. Fee’s for week camp will be determined depending on the type of field trip that is arranged. 

 4. I understand that students will only be released from the program to those listed on the Enrollment Form. I understand that the person(s) authorized on the Enrollment Form must be at least 18 years of age and possess valid picture identification.

 5. I understand that the SFK reserves the right to dismiss any students who do not comply with the center’s rules and policies.

 6.   Should I decide to withdraw my child from the program for any reason, I agree to provide one month paid and written notice to the director, which will include the signature of both the director and parent and the current date.

 7. I understand that the regular tuition will be required for Spring Break, Thanksgiving and Winter break should your child not participate in the weekly activities. Fee to be determined .   

 8. I understand the center is also open on the majority of Anne Arundel Public County school holidays, teacher work days and other days that the Anne Arundel County public schools are closed. 

 9. I understand that the hours of operation is Monday to Friday 7:00am-6:00pm during the AACPS school year. I understand that all programs associated with the After School Program end promptly at 6:00pm at which time all students must be picked up. I understand that I will be charged a late fee of $5 per minute if I am late picking up my child.  Please remember to sign your child out each day and let us know in advance if someone else is going to pick up your child. 

 10. I understand that credit/refund will not be given for absences, illness or non-school days as SFK must make employment commitments to employees.  Please notify us as soon as you know your child will not be attending, whether they’re sick or on vacation. 

11. If the class is closed  due to COVID, or if the building is closed for a short time, tuition is still due.

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