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Why parents choose Smart Fit Kids Academy for before/after school and summer camp? 

"My daughter loves going to Smart Fit Kids! Since beginning your program, she now finishes her homework in a more timely manner and has improved her spelling test scores. Thank you for your personal support and for caring for her. You have a very loving team."  -- Stephanie

"My child has been part of Smartfit for 2 years, both in the  after school care and summer camp. Both programs are TOP NOTCH! I know that not only is she having fun, but learning based on the STEM program. Every day she comes home telling us what fun they had and what great Science and Math skills they learned. I have referred friends to Smartfit and will continue to do so! Thank you Smartfit!!!! - Berry

"SFK is an amazing environment for kids. The staff led by Mrs. Bixia are top-notch. My family lives outside of the Jurisdiction for Smart Fit kids before and after care and is a bit inconvenient to our commutes, beut we bring our daughter there for summer camps and spring break camps and other time she isn't in school, because she loves it there. She explains everyday how much fun she had, and what she learned from the various trips and science experiments they conduct. Also socially she has blossomed as well, due to being comfortable with the environment. As parents we love it, because of the STEM teaching program, and the idea of keeping the kids positively engaged through play, swimming, sports, tae-kwon-do, art projects, numerous trips to various places, movie times, and academic time...seems liek they fit a lot into a day without overdoing it...from my daughters perspective. I recommend Smart Fit Kids to anyone looking for a quality child care environment." - Chuck C

"Moving to a new area is always a transition especially with children. It was very important to my husband and I that we find a facility that would offer more than just a babysitting service to our daughter. Luckily, we found SFKA and we couldn't be happier. Our daughter has been attending the before and after care program for over a year now. SFKA program makes our evenings less of a hassle by offering allotted time for homework to be completed. They also offer Tae Kwon Do which our daughter loves to particpate in. But the best thing about SFKA is that they offer day camp when schools are scheduled off as well as summer camp which offer stem based classes. This was perfect for us because it eased our minds when we thought what are we going to do with her when school lets out. Whether it is spring camp or summer camp, there is always a field trip and fun activities planned daily in which our daughter is always looking forward to and would ask me each night what their activities were for the next day. Knowing that our daughter loves SFKA as much as we do there is no other place we would send her. The program as well as the staff are awesome!" - Allison C

"We've used Smart Fit Kids Academy for three years now.  Our child loves the staff and enjoys the educational camps during summer and school breaks.  She also enjoys learning Taekwondo, a potential life saving skill, which is taught in the afternoons" - Sarah T

"My son has attended Smart Fit Kids Academy for several years.  Our family remains with SFKA primarily because the program director and staff consistently do a great job of cultivating an environment that is safe, nurturing and fun with just the right amount of structure.  As a working parent, summer break can be a challenge. The SFKA summer camp program has been a perfect solution for us.  It not only works with my schedule, but provides an incredibly broad variety of activities and experiences that are different every week and always fun!" - Stacy

"SmartFit Academy has become our home away from home! My children are engaged, challenged and have so much fun! They love the camp science experiments and field trips. The caring staff set SmartFit apart from other programs - they teach kindness and my children know and feel their genuine love. When we pick up our children, they ask: "Can you come back and pick us up later?" I think that says it all. Highly recommend this program with its visionary Director"- Danielle W

"Smart Fit Kids Academy has been such a wonderful experience for my child.  When looking for an after school program, it was so important that there be structured time included.  I am happy that we selected Smart Fit, my child's time after school is both structured and he is being taught important values.  He learns discipline and respect through the Taekwondo program and he learns the value of hard work through homework time followed by play time.  We have found our child even asking us on Saturday, "Can I go to Smart Fit today?"- Nicole

"My daughter has had a wonderful experience at Smart Fit Kids Academy. She has more confidence and has become very independent. Staff have all been excellent, extremely friendly and professional. Their hard work has resulted in Lillian being more polite, more articulate, more social and definitely more independent. Couldn't ask for more. Definitely recommend."- Anna

"We have been with Smart Fit Kids Academy for a year and a half now and have loved it the entire time!  The kids do their homework regularly and go outside a lot!  Keeping them active and busy is a priority.  They have good supervision and good manners are expected and reinforced.   The summer camps are wonderful and have educational and fun field trips.  My boys love Bixia and her staff and have made good friends at Smart Fit!"

"Smart Fit Kids Academy is "special" in so many ways!   The team is exceptional!  They genuinely care about you as a person and genuinely care about all the children enrolled at the center.  I love the staff; I never feel like I cannot ask them questions or ask for their support. The most important aspect of Smart Fit Kids Academy to me is the relationship I have developed with the team and Mrs. Bixia.  The team is compassionate and cares about each individual child assisting with homework and other school projects.  The team encourages my children every-day and helps them to create a strong sense of self-esteem.  I truly appreciate the care and teaching Smart Fit Kids Academy Team provides and recommends them to everyone." - Marquette

"Excellent program for my kids. They have been with SFKA for the last few years and they absolutely loved the program. SFKA has been providing a safe, healthy, educational, and enriching before and after school program for my kids. There are no other programs such as SFKA in Severna Park community! SFKA make a huge difference in our lives!!! " - Nopavan

" Program like this is very important stepping stone to children's future success and I think that smart fit staff showed their compassion to all kids."  -Nayal

" SmartFit Kids provides an outstanding service to the community." - Carol

"Being a parent is a beautiful yet challenging feat...
Although one of the major aspects, child care, is daunting. I had complete confidence and feeling of security knowing my daughter was being cared for by Bixia and her amazing staff. Ella always came home telling me how much "fun"'she had at Smart Fit. "- Carrie

"My girls have been a part of the SFKA family going on 4 years. They found the support, love, and friendship I was looking for in a Before/After Care program with Bixia and her staff. The homework assistance and Taekwondo offered a routine and stability for them"- Jen

"Smart Fit Kids, including Bixia, the martial arts instructor, and the entire staff, was overall the most enriching program available for children in the Severna Park community, their program has been very professionally and responsibly run, fully staffed with responsive, caring and trained members. The martial arts instructor is the best children's instructor I have ever seen, teaching the children life lessons as well. Overall, there is simply nothing even close in the area that could offer the excellence of what Smart Fit Kids was able to accomplish in that rare combination of martial arts, homework assistance, socialization, and physical activity. It is truly a shame that more programs have not aspired to do what Smart Fit Kids seems to have perfected." - Alan

"My kids spent the entire summer there and enjoyed every minute. They look forward to seeing Bixia and staff every day before school. I’ve never met someone so committed to our children. Thank you. "- Christen

"Smart Fit Kids is not just another before and after school program. It has been our second family and infallible support system. Bixia and her staff truly care for the well-being of the children and treat each and every one of them as if they were their own" - Betty

"Smart Fit has provided excellent care, great academic instruction and a wonderful social environment for our children for the last three years."- Brian

"Smart Fit is so much more than a before and after school center. My daughter has been attending for 4 years since she was in kindergarten. We have grown so close to the students and the staff. They are like family to us. They truly look to empower each and every child in their care through academics and martial arts while having fun and building friendships. They give back to the community and in turn, they have taught our children to give back. The staff has been there for us parents through good times and has helped when facing hardships. They have taken our children to senior centers to sing carols and deliver cookies to brighten the holidays. The entire center along with parents and children have hosted dinners for the homeless. Smart Fit has reinforced good values in our children that we practice at home. To always treat others with respect and always do the right thing. You would have to be a parent to really appreciate how incredible this company is and to understand how much of a positive impact they have made in the community." - MJ

" We love Smart Kids! Perfect balance of physical activity and lessons!" - Nardine

" Smart Fit kids Academy is dedicated to the academic well being of the kids and commitment to the parents. Smart Fif provides fun and fitness all in one within a safe environment. The staff is polite and respectful and supportive to everyone within the organization" - Jasmine

"My son has been attending Smart Fit Academy for 4 years now and he has grown into a mature young boy in regards to self discipline, respectful, focus with school work and provide numerous opportunities for him to learn because Smart Fit was there to encourage him"- Krystal


"We enjoy many things about the program – especially your flexibility when it comes to getting my son down to his karate class. Having that little bit of extra time really helps me out. I also enjoy receiving candid feedback about how he's doing with school and where the challenges are. Great job!"   -- CORY

"I'm so grateful to have found your program! Since my son started attending Smart Fit Kids Academy, I have seen a marked improvement in his schoolwork and his attitude toward academics. Daily physical activities have also increased his strength and coordination - and his confidence! Each day, when I pick him up, your staff gives me an update on his day. With Smart Fit Kids, my son is engaged and challenged. Thank you for all you do for Alex!"  -- STACY

"My son loves the variety of games and activities you provide. The teachers are genuinely interested in helping him focus and become more respectful, and he's making new friends. This is important to us - he's a sociable little boy who happens to be an only child. Thank you for all you do!"  -- JOYCELYN

"I’ve found that Smart Fit Kids has really been a benefit to my son, a 4th grader from Arnold Elementary. The program provides excellent tutoring and there’s a distinctly positive, caring environment that’s flexible enough to focus on each child’s educational needs. If you're looking for an after school that gives structured, assisted homework time and a chance for your kids to be active, Smart Fit Kids is an excellent choice!"  -- CHRYSTY

"I know there are a lot of growing pains associated with starting a new program, but I think you should know you and your team is doing a fantastic job with our kids! You are keeping them safe, allowing us to keep up with their studies, and reinforcing a healthy lifestyle. We are so happy with this program!"  -- LACEY

"Your program has been a very positive influence on our son Ryland. I appreciate the balance between homework and exercise. We'll miss this unique setting, now that he's moving on to high school."  -- ANDREW 

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