Summer Adventure Camp

Would you like your children to investigate crimes like a CSI specialist, learn what it takes to become a mad scientist, figure out what is takes to be the next top CEO, or ride the Hogwarts express into a world of magic and mystery? Our campers will find out about these engaging subjects and so much more at Smart Fit Kids Adventure Camp!

Smart Fit Kids Adventure Camp is a traditional day program, combining exciting team building activities, leadership development, with adventurous trips—each specifically designed for our campers. Our Adventure camp’s motivation is to unite students and help them to grow together. When they arrive at our camp, they will be challenged to accomplish what they have never done before while learning and having a lot of fun.

Our staff provides a supportive, encouraging environment where our campers can make new friends easily and explore their curiosities. With an open mind and positive attitude, our campers will truly have an unforgettable summer.

On our nature and water days, once we reach our destination, children are encouraged to engage in guided activities and self-directed play. They will learn to create their own adventures, fueled by their imaginations. They will discover endless possibilities with creative minds working alongside them.

On our cultural excursion days, we will split into small groups. The Adventure Camp staff will focus on bringing children together, helping them to develop their teamwork skills, giving them the tools they will need to explore and accomplish their challenges.

While many new campers will embark on this journey, we will focus on providing every kid with individual attention. We believe that children should always be safe. We are fully committed to our campers, providing them with the right amount of space and direction and materials, so they can learn, so they can grow, so they can discover new things in an engaged environment.

Our adventure field trips include:  Swimming, Wizard of Oz Park,  Splash park, Ninja Be, NASA Space Center,  Mini-golf and driving range, Wonderfly Arena and various parks in the county.


Detailed weekly camp schedule with field trips can be found in the bottom of this page

Our normal camp hours are 8:00am-5:00pm with Before and After care available from 6:30am-8:00am and 5:00pm-6:30pm. 

Spots are limited for our summer camp and spots tend to fill up fast. Be sure to sign up to reserve your spot! 

Smart Fit Kids  Summer Camp is licensed through the Maryland Department of Health (formally DHMH). 

WHEN    June 17 – August 30th (11 weeks)
               8:00am – 5:00pm (Regular Camp Hours) 
               6:30am – 8:00am Before Care

               5:00pm – 6:30pm After Care

WHO     Adventure Camp is open to students ages 4-14
               in Severna Park, Arnold, Annapolis, Pasadena, Glen Burnie and other areas of Anne Arundel County, Maryland

COST (Monday through Friday camp)
Discounted prices for the more weeks you sign up for
1-3 Weeks: $255/week
4-6 Weeks: $235/week
7-12 Weeks: $225/week 
Daily: $70
Before Care: $25 Per week  After Care: $25 Per week
Siblings receive 10% discount on weekly fees

Each camper requires to wear a camp shirt on every field trip.

Just fill out the registration forms, Campers Health form online at the Registration tab.


6/22    Mad Scientist

Campers will conduct science experiments to include explosions, eruptions, and chemical reactions. 

6/29    Chef Supreme

Campers will create simple recipes to include appetizers, entrees, and desserts.  Campers will learn about food preparations, safety and basic skills.

7/6    Camp Survivor

Campers will learn about camping and camp safety.  Campers will build tents, make smores, create dream catchers from items in nature, and take nature hikes identifying trees, ivy, and other items in nature

7/13    Next Contestant on Smart Fit Game Show

Are you smarter than the counselors?  Do you know the names of songs within the first few beats?  Can you solve word puzzles quickly? Can you guess the price of items?  Do you want to be slimed? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this week if for you.  Come on down and be a contestant on the Smart Fit Game Show.

7/20    CSI

Can you solve a crime?  We need help to solve the crime that happened at Smart Fit.  Do you like the game Clue? Ever want to play a life sized version of the game - Smart Fit will set up a room like the board game and campers will be characters from the game.  Campers will use detective skills as they investigate the crime and then get justice in court.

7/27    Hogwarts

On a board!  You got your acceptance letter and now you are off to Hogwarts Academy for classes in wand making, potions, spells, poetry, and more.  The houses will have competitions in Quidditch and conduct. Test your Potter knowledge in trivia and attend Hogwarts farewell party.

8/3    Everyone Loves Disney

Disney Magic is in the air this week at Smart Fit.  Campers will play games, make crafts, and discuss the princesses, princes, animals, and monsters of Disney to determine who is the biggest fan.  We can’t forget the amazing Disney TV shows too.

8/10    Sports

Are you an athlete looking for play some sports with a twist.  Smart Fit will take the traditional sports in water, on the field, and in the gym to make them a little different.  Learn new versions to traditional sports while practicing being a team player.

8/17    Farm & Animals Hoedown

Horses, Cows, Pigs, Chicken, and more!  Farm life is filled with work and fun. Campers will learn about the animals through games, crafts and activities.  Campers will also learn about farm food and farm living.

8/24    Bugs, Insects, & Arachnids

What is the difference between a bug and an insect?  Which bugs bring good luck? How many sting and bite?  Campers will learn about many different bugs and insects through games, crafts and activities.

8/31    Summer Fun!  Let’s Celebrate

Friendships, Laughter, crafts and games is what summer is about.  Let’s make memories! Tye Dye shirts, make smores, play at the park, swim, and have a blast with games and activities.

For a camp calendar and field trips please see our daily/weekly schedule below.

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