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The SmartFit Way

Our Philosophy

When it comes to the SmartFit Way, we believe that our primary role is to create a safe, developmentally appropriate, nurturing place for children to learn, grow, and excel.


We work with children to develop academic, physical, healthy, emotional, and social skills in order to be loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, kind, and gentle citizens filled with integrity and considerate to others. 

We provide opportunities to help spark and cultivate interest in STEM and give every child an opportunity to explore science, technology, engineering and math.


We understand that each individual child learns differently. As we learn about each child's interests and strengths, we utilize that knowledge to create individualized learning goals for each of our students; creating a variety of different activities for our lessons that give students a different options for learning the content. We recognize that the relationships we form with families will help us to best understand how to help their child thrive. 


Our goal is to fuel each student's ambitions by customizing their academic support, enrichment activities, and physical activity in order to reduce the risk behaviors that can challenge the success  today's young people.


The Traits of Quality Care


  • Small group sizes and low ratios

  • Strong bonds and respect between caregiver and child

  • Educated teachers/ caregivers

  •  An emphasis on child/ teacher interactions and relationships

  •  Ongoing training and development for each caregiver

  •  Efficient communication with families

  • A developmentally appropriate curriculum

  •  Well organized, extensive environments that are constantly changing to provide something new

  • Strong family/ caregiver relations and parental involvement 

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