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SmartFit Kids strives to hire and retain teachers who love working with children and have a passion to help make a difference in children's lives. Our program and staff help parents off load some of the burden of homework, academics and physical exercise. The first and foremost criterion is that each teacher must clearly exhibit a loving and caring character along with an ability to bring the best support for our students.  Smart Fit Kids teachers are expected to be kind, gentle, honest, creative, fun and hardworking.   Our teachers are role models for the students at all times. 

Mr Bremer

Elementary Teacher

Mr. Bremer has been working with children for 5 years. He is very patient with the students and hold the students accountable for their work. Mr. Bremer has a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature and a Master’s degree in creative writing and publishing arts. In addition to teaching, Mr. Bremer is also a book writer and editor for magazine and publisher.

Ms. Bixia

Program Director

Beginning her career as a Kindergarten teacher 23 years ago, Ms. Bixia Pan has always had a passion for education. During her time as a Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Bixia showed great compassion and commitment to her students. After working as a teacher for two years, Ms. Bixia decided to continue her education and pursued Bachelors’ Degree Electronics Engineering and a Masters’ Degree in International Technology Management.  Shortly after earning her degree, Ms. Bixia became a Network Design Engineer. As an Engineer, Ms. Bixia was no longer in the classroom, but her passion for education did not waiver. For 14 years, Ms. Bixia traveled internationally to Italy, France, England, and China to train other Engineers. While Ms. Bixia enjoyed her career as an Engineer, she found that she missed working with children. Six years ago, Ms. Bixia decided to pursue her true passion of educating children by opening Smart Fit Kids. 
Remembering the struggles she faced as a working mom trying to find quality after school programs for her children, Ms. Bixia strived to create Smart Fit Kids curriculum to encompass the two things she believes children need the most – exercise and academic support. Ms. Bixia hopes that Smart Fit Kids motivates students to pursue physical fitness and high academic achievement. “Fitness and academics are my two strengths. I feel that if I can bring those values to families through my program, parents can spend more quality time with their children rather than spending evenings helping with homework. I spent the large majority of my childhood on a farm. On the farm I learned the value of hard work, kindness, respectfulness, responsibility, honesty and integrity. Those are the values that influence Smart Fit Kids.”   
Today, Ms. Bixia and her husband of 10 years, Mr. Greg, spend their days being very hands-on with Smart Fit Kids. In addition to homework help, Ms. Bixia strives to ensure that her students are exposed to Foreign Language and STEM courses. “I speak two languages fluently, English and Chinese. I was also an Engineer for many years. Because many doors were opened for me, I strongly feel that if I can help children explore a Foreign Language or STEM, then hopefully they will continue to build upon those skills and interests and there will be a lot of doors open to them in one of those fields.”

Ms. Jynease

Center Director

Ms. Jynease is moving into her 7th year as a high school teacher. Her favorite part about working with children is attending graduations because she loves to see her students achieve their goals. Ms. Jynease has two degrees: a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and a Master’s degree in Secondary Education. Her favorite activities are math and dancing. Ms. Jynease is a member of the National Educator’s Association (NEA). Outside of the classroom, Ms. Jynease’s hobbies include sleeping and traveling.

Mr. Kovacs


Mr. Kovacs has been working with children for 9 years. His favorite part about working with children is encouraging them to figure out how to solve problems on their own. Mr. Kovacs’ favorite subject is Science and his favorite physical activity is CrossFit. Mr. Kovacs has a Bachelor’s in History and a Master’s in Teaching. He is also currently working on a National Certification in STEM. Mr. Kovacs belongs to Anne Arundel County Public Schools. Outside of the classroom, Mr. Kovacs enjoys going to the gym, spending time with his children, and playing games with friends.

Ms. Nicole


Ms. Nicole has been working with children for 21 years. Her favorite part about working with children is the energy and fun they bring into a space with their personalities and inquisitive minds. Ms. Nicole’s favorite subject is Science and her favorite physical activities are swimming and softball. Ms. Nicole has a Bachelor’s degree in Education as well as certifications in Special Education, Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education and Youth Camp Administration. She is also in the process of pursuing a certification in ESOL. In addition to her certifications, Ms. Nicole is also a member of the National Education Association, Prince George’s County Education Association, Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority, Mothers of Preschoolers, and Green Hornets Softball. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Nicole enjoys spending time with family and attending unique festivals.

Ms. Anneliease

Special Ed Teacher

Ms Anneliease has been a special Ed teacher for many years.  She is loving, kind and very patience with children.  She is very resourceful and got many creative ideas with children that are challenging.  She loves to have fun and enjoy sailing in the weekend with families.

Mr. Valiant


Mr. Valiant has been working with children for 20 years. His favorite thing about teaching is seeing the “aha moment” in children when the light bulb goes off and a concept clicks. Mr. Valiant has a Bachelor’s degree in Middle School Education and a Master’s degree in Math. He is currently working on his second Master’s degree. Mr. Valiant’s favorite activities are Math and Language arts. In addition to his degrees, Mr. Valiant is also a member of the National Educator’s Association (NEA). Outside of the classroom, Mr. Valiant enjoys singing, dancing, and experimental cooking.

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