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Smart Fit Kids Academy (SFKA) at Severna Park Community Center launched a before and after school Academic and Fitness program to meet the needs of the students. 


The academic and fitness program is unique. SFKA is not a day care service. Our goals are to help students increase their physical activity while exceling in academics. Each day we pick up the children from local elementary and middle schools. After arriving at our facilities, instructors ensure the students complete their homework and school projects. After their homework is finished, students participate in fun fitness/exercise sessions with our fitness instructors. In addition to the academics and fitness, we also offer Chinese and Spanish language classes as optional study.  Tutoring service also available for students need more one on one help on their academics subjects.

Your Goals  Are Our Goals


We want to help your child excel in academics and to build good study skills that will serve them well in high school, college, and beyond. Smart Fit Kids Academy program leaders oversee the academic component in partnership with teachers and school staff to ensure that educational standards are met. Students will enjoy the health and fitness benefits of the custom programs we have available.  All fitness sessions are based in discipline, respect, integrity and teamwork.

Research studies confirm the correlation between academic achievement and physical fitness.  Finding joy with both learning and physical activities will promote well-being and enhance children's lives.  This is our mission and the motivation behind our methods. 


Your child will benefit from our safe, structured, age-appropriate exercises designed to improve coordination, fitness, and agility. During their time with us, kids build self-esteem, cooperate and build bonds, and have fun.  Our program stresses the balance of fitness and academics.  

Our academic program closely adheres to the Common Core Standard for Language and Mathematics.  The Maryland State Department of Education adopted this initiative in 2010. This initiative is funded in part by Bill and Melinda Gates with the mission of providing high-quality educational tools to bridge the ever-widening educational gaps. 

SmartFitKids Academy creates a fun, loving, caring and learning environment.  Our aim is to find each individual child's academic strengths and weakness.  We offer ways to build the child's interest deeper in areas they naturally excel; at the same time, we build up and encourage growth in one's weaker academic areas.  Every kid is smart, and our approach extends each individual to thrive.

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Address: Holy Ground Building 623 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd, Severna Park, MD 21146 

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